During 2020 and the COVID era, homeowners and renters have and are experiencing one of the most unique and intense markets we've historically seen. Between inventory being light, interest rates diving, and monthly rental rates increasing, families have been anxious about what the market will offer in the future years ahead.

It has been our mission to educate homeowners and homebuyers we work with to make sure that any decision they make in their moving goals, is just the best for them.

We've noticed that renters are not getting the same service from real estate professionals and are being outbid in many rental opportunities or having to pay abnormally high monthly rent and lock themselves into long-term contracts. Therefore, we decided to extend our mission to the renter and provide a service that is unique and valuable to their home goals.

Our vision includes having an option for renters to find a space that would normally be listed for sale, provide transparent leasing terms, and even the option to buy the home in the future. This vision holds true to our values here at SP Home Team as we grow, and remain humble in serving our friends, family, and community.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the SP Home Team Rental Program!

There are specific requirements needed to qualify for the assistance program.

Please click the link below to submit a request for information or talk to one of our teammates about the opportunity further: https://tinyurl.com/43zj5yhb

We aim to respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri for your qualification.